Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Release Day Elizabeth Scott!

I love Elizabeth Scott's writing. Her new book, SOMETHING, MAYBE is out today! With a nice and shiny quote by Sarah Dessen - "The best love story I've read in ages."

And it is great. Elizabeth does such a fantastic job with characters, and this book is no exception. Plus, she loves putting her characters in the strangest places. This time, Hannah, Finn and Josh, the three main characters of the book, all work for a call center for Burger Town. There's a love triangle going on, and although it takes Hannah awhile to figure out the guy who is best for her, she eventually does, with some humorous drama along the way.

Congrats, Elizabeth, on your latest release!!

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  1. Sounds cute. Makes me want to read YA. (I'm assuming it's YA) ;)