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I do love hearing from readers! If you want to tell me something or ask a question, email is the quickest way to get in touch. Please understand it will likely take me a week or more to respond, as I work a regular job in addition to writing books. Also, if you are doing a school project involving me or my books, check the "About Lisa" page on this web site for LOTS of helpful information. I get many emails about projects, and it's really important you do all of the work you can to find information about me before you contact me directly to ask questions. Here is the email address, but replace (at) with @ (I do this to avoid getting lots of spam):


Unfortunately, due to cost, I have suspended my post office box for now. I may pick it up again in 2022, we'll see. If you need an address to send a letter to, you may send it to me in care of the appropriate publisher (Simon and Schuster or Scholastic). Just know that they often take months to forward mail on to authors, so a timely response is unlikely.

My literary agent is Sara Crowe. Any inquiries about film or foreign rights should be addressed to her.