Friday, March 6, 2009

An anxious writer is not a happy writer

I have this anxious feeling in my stomach. Like I'm waiting for something to happen. Except, I'm not waiting for anything at the moment. I have editorial notes from my editor for my YA, which I must work on this weekend. I have line edits from my other editor for my MG, which I must also work on this weekend.

Maybe I am simply feeling anxious because I have a lot of work to do???

Maybe I am feeling anxious because I am worried my books aren't doing well, and this third YA may be the make it or break it one?

Maybe I am feeling anxious because I want to get these books done and work on the new, shiny idea I have?

Maybe I am feeling anxious because I've become so comfortable with that feeling, it's out of the norm to NOT feel anxious?

Okay, I think it's time to go back and read agent Nathan Bransford's awesome post - Ten Commandments for the Happy Writer.

I want to be HAPPY while I work this weekend. Happy, happy, HAPPY! Like this guy:

What about you? Are you feeling happy today? Why or why not?

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