Saturday, March 21, 2009

Book Angel Post #3

Thank you, Dawn Metcalf, for your beautiful story. You can read about it HERE.

When I sat down to write the inscription to this girl, I didn't know what I could say. Although I wrote about a character who had lost her mom I can't really know what that's like. I know about losing someone I loved deeply. But I haven't lost a mother. I haven't come home to find my mother dead, like this girl did.

But I thought about my kids. And I thought about what I would want them to know if something happened to me. And so, I took a few lines from the book, changed them just slightly, and used them for inscription to this wonderful girl.

I wrote:

When the breeze brushes your cheek, there's love.
When the stars sparkle and shine, there's love.
When the tulips bloom in the spring, there's love.

I hope the book might help her in some small way.

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