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Reading and Discussion Guides are currently available for the following books:

It's Raining Cupcakes

Sprinkles and Secrets

Frosting and Friendship

Chasing Brooklyn

All We Have is Now

Please drop me an e-mail at lisaschroederbooks(at)gmail.com and I'll be happy to send you whichever one(s) you need!


Want to have an It's Raining Cupcakes birthday party? I know a couple of girls who have had fabulous parties, inspired by the book. Check out this adorable picture. Thanks to the hostess, every guest in an attendance took home a copy of It's Raining Cupcakes as their party favor. I think a book must be the best party favor EVER!

If a cupcake party is in your future, please drop me an e-mail and let me know, and I'm happy to send personalized and signed bookplates for you to put in the front of the books to give out to the guests.


Check out this fun wiki "9 Fun Books for Middle Grade Readers" which features MY SECRET GUIDE TO PARIS. Cool, right?


Book trailer for All We Have is Now:


Book trailer for Falling For You:


Book trailer for The Day Before