Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lately productivity is not my friend

I haven't been very productive lately. I have a completed draft of a manuscript I need to revise as well as an elementary school visit presentation I need to prepare.

But all I want to do is watch movies and read books. So many good books in piles around my house right now. My husband wonders how I can possibly read them all. Right now, I think I have four different books going. I can't help it - I want to read them all now!

Anyway, I must get to work. Maybe I need to bribe myself or something. I don't know. What do you do when you are dragging your feet and not getting to what needs to be done?

I'm hoping by committing here, I will get going. The next four days, I want to work on the manuscript and at least figure out what I need to do - develop my plan - and hopefully dive in and start doing it. Next week, I will tackle the school visit.

But wait, there's that book over there, and I'm really wondering what's going to happen...


  1. From one writer to another, consider this a kick in the pants to get to work!!! =)

  2. Ha! I know this feeling! I have blog posts I am trying to do more regularly again, homeschool started over, a new work in progress I am researching, critiques I am doing for partners and SOOO MANY good books I want to read. I have books that are similar in theme to my WIP that I consider research, and ARCs I've received, library books coming in that I was just too impatient to wait for my next "blow money day" to buy (thanks Dave Ramsey), Christmas present books from people, . . ..
    If you figure out how to get in a groove again, please share the wealth lol