Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Five - The Movie Version

Let's talk movies, shall we?

1. I watched The Town last weekend, and dang, Ben Affleck, if you didn't smash my low expectations to smithereens. You are good, you are hot, and you kept me on the edge of the seat the entire time. Ben not only starred in it, but also directed it, and even helped write it! I highly recommend it (but be warned, every other word is the F word, so, you know, make sure to watch when tender ears aren't around).

2. Last weekend we also rented Inception, which I know everyone probably saw in the theaters except me. Everyone who said it is mind-blowing is right. I'm actually really glad we watched it at home because my husband and I kept asking each other questions and talking out loud. "Wait, are they dreaming?" "What about now, is this real or not?" "Do you get what's happening?" "No, do you?" Yeah, people would have been annoyed with us in the theaters.

3. OMG, how much did I love Easy A. Very, very much. I think I laughed through the whole, entire thing. Her parents were SO hilarious. How come we can't all have parents like that? I have this urge to watch it again, actually, and that never happens with me and movies, but it's so rare to watch a movie that is really and truly funny, I think that must be why. I especially loved the homage paid to John Hughes. Just... love, love, LOVE!

4. When a friend invited me to see Tangled with her and her kids, I admit, I hesitated. Most kids movies put me to sleep. Okay, I have a few I love - Up, How to Train Your Dragon, and Finding Nemo. But, this, I don't know, it just didn't look that good to me. But my friend and her kids had already seen it once and were going back AGAIN, so I thought, wow, it must be good. And was it ever! It's one of those movies where the trailer really doesn't do it justice. It's really magical. And funny. Plus, can I say how fun it was watching her little girl get excited about the special parts? SO CUTE!! I loved the tower - wow! I want to live in a tower like that. Or, you know, have one in my backyard that is my writing tower. Don't you think any writer would just magically write better if he/she had a tower like that? My friend said if I liked it, I should rent The Princess and the Frog. So I'm going to do that. And make my teen boys watch it with me.

5. On New Year's Day, my family went to the movies, planning to split up, because we each wanted to see something different. My husband wanted to see True Grit, I wanted to see The King's Speech, and the kids wanted to see Tron. Well, we got there and The King's Speech was sold out. I was like, okay, I'll go see True Grit with my husband. Got in there, and the only seats left were in the very front, and neither of us can do that. So, we all ended up seeing Tron in this huge theater that was only about one-fourth full. They should have put The King's Speech in there! Tron was just okay - not really my thing. I probably should have went and watched Tangled again. Much more my speed.

My husband said this morning we'd try and go see The King's Speech this weekend. I hope we do, I have heard such great things about it, and want to see it before the Oscars, since it will probably take some awards.

What movies have you seen and loved?


  1. I want to go see Tangled. I also want to see The King's Speech (mmmm, Colin Firth). I have to see Easy A.

    I turned Princess and the Frog on randomly one day in December, and me and my son (2-1/2) watched it. It was so good! My son mostly just liked the music parts (and now won't watch it again because he said it's scary, which ok, the bad guy is creepy, especially for a toddler). But I just thought the whole thing was so well done: visually nice, great story, fantastic music, entertaining. I feel like this movie didn't get enough attention when it was out, but hey, what do I know.

  2. I quite liked Easy A and Princess and the Frog. I was the same about Tangled - didn't think it'd be that good, but it was! Liked it better than Princess and the Frog, to be honest.

    You will LOVE King's Speech. Saw it two weekends ago, and it was so good. Colin Firth is just wow. :)

  3. Saw Black Swan. HOLY cow was it riveting. My boys won't see Tangled. I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD. My teen is obsessed with Tron.

  4. I was very impressed with The Kings Speech. It was a brilliant cast giving an understated story depth and power. I'm not an anglophile by any means but I was quite moved by it.

  5. Rosanne, we saw it The King's Speech on Sunday, and both my husband and I really enjoyed it. I loved how it was a story about friendship, at its core.