Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let's keep dreaming big, okay?



I don't know about you, but I LOVED the Dream Big posts by all those amazing authors. Thank you, amazing authors, THANK YOU for being a part of it.

I started collecting those blog posts back in December. At the same time, things were happening in my life that were pushing me toward one of *my* dreams - to go full-time with the writing. The day job was getting crazy busy and I had books to promote and I just couldn't do it all anymore. But I was scared. Terrified. And then I'd read a blog post and think - dreams DO come true, Lisa. Go for it.

I've read that if you take a step toward your dream, the universe will respond and support you.
I didn't just take a step, I took a leap! And now I'm dreaming big that everything will work out.

I hope when you're feeling down, you'll come back and search on the "Dream Big" tag and find inspiration in the posts that were shared. I know I will!!

For now, I leave you with a few of the many golden nuggets to carry you through the month of February, and beyond.


"So if you have a dream, like I did, start visualizing now. Learn patience, how to work hard, and call up your bestest friends who'll give you the support you need." - Cynthea Liu

"Life is as big as you decide to make it." - Gayle Forman

"We need to push ourselves. Quit playing it safe. Chase after what we want." - Tammi Sauer

"I guess what I've learned is it's not wrong to dream big. It's fun! And it can lead to good things not just for your ego, but for your soul." - Jo Knowles

"Perhaps if I had Debbie Allen thumping her stick behind me, I’d work differently. But all I have is me. So I don’t think much about fame or sweat. I take a step. Then another. Then another. And what do you know? I’m dancing." - Linda Urban

"All books begin in dreamland. And so do lots of other good things." - Liz Gallagher

"Dream big. Big enough to get scared. Then do. Take a step. A small step, a baby step." - Christine Fletcher

Happy Dreaming!


  1. These were the best set of posts ever!

    I enjoyed each and everyone of them.

    And I guarantee I will be back to read them again.


  2. I loved all the dream big posts. They were all so beautiful.

  3. I loved these posts but I need to catch up on some I missed. The quotes you pulled out are great.
    And congratulations on taking that leap! I'm quite sure you will land well indeed.

  4. These posts were absolutely amazing. Thanks for pulling all of these together Lisa. You are an inspiration!

  5. Wow. Those were so inspiring!
    I loved the Dream Big posts and I love how you've put up blurps from them.
    Thank you, Lisa! You're awesome :))

  6. I loved all the personal stories! very encouraging.

  7. These have been really inspiring! Thanks for posting them.