Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to do a drive by signing and blog links

Today I'm taking a break from the Dream Big blog series to share a few things with you.

My release month continues and one thing I did last weekend was to visit a couple of bookstores for drive-by signings.

In case you aren't familiar with the term, it means you drive up, walk in, sign stock, and go on your merry way. Fast and easy and a great way to bring some attention to your books, because you can put the special stickers on the front that tell customers it's a signed book!

Next, I want to thank the nice bloggers who have hosted me on their blogs the past couple of weeks to celebrate the release of CHASING BROOKLYN.

The Fantastic Book Reviewer wonders if I set out to make people cry.

And finally, Shannon Messenger asks me for secrets for unpublished writers on the path to publication. And I actually come up with one!

It's been a busy and fun couple of weeks, and for all the people who have read CHASING BROOKLYN, blogged about it, reviewed it on Amazon, goodreads or Barnes and Noble, told friends about it, etc. etc., let me just say



  1. That is the cutest little video and I love learning that you can do drive-by signings. It has such spontaneous joy about it!

  2. Brilliant idea to video and post about this, Lisa. What's on the video has been my experience, too. Love drive-by signings, I think they're fun!

  3. That's my favorite kind of drive-by I've ever seen!

  4. It's funny but the word 'cute' came to my mind, too! What a great choice for a vlog. I wouldn't have known how easy it is to drive-by-and-sign. I will definitely follow through on this. Thank you, Lisa!

  5. Aw, what an adorable video. You really have the cutest voice. It makes me smile every time I hear it. I'm SO glad Chasing Brooklyn has had such a great release and that I could have a tiny part of it. Thank you for giving me the chance. You're the best!

  6. Drive by book signings!!! I love it.. had no idea. Seems so simple and fun and a terrific way to sell more books.

    So glad I 'drove' by here this morning. You made me smile. And now -- of course, I want to read your book :)