Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It is THAT kind of day

It is a BUSY day when you must work all day and then go to a dinner and auction immediately afterwards that will go until 9:00 pm. But when your publisher generously offers to pay your way because it's a good chance to meet book sellers and your local sales rep., you go.

It is a FUNNY day when you are watching Good Morning America and the commercial comes on for Did You Hear about the Morgans and you hear Hugh Grant say, "I called ahead to get the table near the mayonnaise." Have you ever heard Hugh say "mayonnaise?" The commercial is so long, there's really no need to see the movie, which is pretty funny too.

It is a STORMY day today and every day this week. Very, very stormy.

It is a SCARY day when you realize Christmas is only like 40 days away.

It is a HAPPY day when you get the news your friend Alix had her baby boy (Xander!) yesterday and both baby and Mom are doing well!

And, it is a GOOD day when you get an enthusiastic e-mail from your agent that uses the coveted "L" word about the book you spent a lot of your spare time working on over the past nine months. A book you wrote for yourself, because you wanted to write something new and different.

So...what kind of day are you having today?


  1. Right now it is a GOOD day for me. Currently it is defined by the fact that my manuscript is moving along well & that my characters are pleased with the direction I am taking! lol It is amazing how arguing with a character you created can drive you crazy! ;o)
    I love your writing and was pleased to discover your blog. I quickly added you to my Follow list! ;o)

  2. I am having a CRACKY day because I had to go to the chiropractor to get my neck cracked. *shudders* It was NOT fun, but I lived to tell the tale--and apparently I will be having cracky days twice a week for the next two months. Oh joy!

  3. It's a middle of the road kind of day for me. Nothing terrible or great happened. And I'm ok with that. Glad to hear your day was so fab.