Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fourth Stop for Chasing Brooklyn

Thanks to Sab for her wonderful picture and for helping out with my contest. Since I guessed her state correctly, a $20.00 gift card will be on its way to her soon!

Now it's time for me to once again guess where my little ARC will travel to next.

I'm going to guess the next stop on the Chase Around the USA is~


Thanks for playing, everyone, and I look forward to finding out where my little ARC goes to next!


  1. This is a brilliant idea for spreading your ARC. Especially with the book title having the word "Chasing" in it. I've entered the chase and hope I get to read it. Best of luck.

  2. Already picked a winner and got her address, her name is also LISA! but she lives in CA :(
    I'll be sending her the ARC tomorrow!