Friday, September 25, 2009

Five things on a Friday

1. I didn't intend to watch Grey's Anatomy last night. It was on for 2 hours and 11:00 is just too late for this working girl. But before I had a chance to turn the TV off, I caught the first minute, and that's all it took. I was hooked. I watched the first hour and I cried through the whole thing. It actually felt good, after the week I've had. I'll watch the second hour sometime this weekend along with Project Runway and Vampire Diaries. I'm so thankful for digital recorders!

2. One of my co-workers has a good friend who was totally wooed by someone on Things moved quckly, and in just a month, she thought this was THE one (even though they hadn't met, just talked on the phone and IM'd each other). He was so smooth, so good at making her think his feelings were real. Just as she was ready to send him a laptop and a phone to Gauna to replace the ones he "lost" while traveling, friends do some internet searches and discover there are romance scammers, and his story is one other women have been sucked into again and again. ACK! Did you know there was such a thing as romance scammers?

I read one of his e-mails - "Some think love is unbelievable. Some think love is a dream. I think love is YOU."

The poor girl. She is totally heartbroken and incredibly embarrassed. Now the hard part is going to be getting rid of him. He won't stop calling her!

3. My publicist scheduled a book signing to celebrate the release of CHASING BROOKLYN. It's getting closer - eeee! I've realized that the time has come to start a calendar with my author events. I've never been busy enough to need one, but I have enough things coming up, I'm starting to worry I'll forget. I'll probably use the calendar in gmail - looks like it will meet my needs.

4. Speaking of events, Dale Bayse, author of HECK! WHERE THE BAD KIDS GO is coming to my son's middle school. The interesting thing? He's donating his time. Do you think in these times, more authors are doing the visit for free, as long as the school sells the book? I'm going to try and go - I want to see his presentation.

5. Today on the Author2Author blog, I tackle the question I get asked a lot -
how do you find the time?

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Congrats on the signing! Hope it goes well. (Let me know if you ever come to Southern California!)

  2. I have never heard of romance scammers, but that's a book idea if I've ever heard one. Hope your friend recovers quickly and gets back in the game!