Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And the first stop...

of the CHASING BROOKLYN Advance Review Copy, on the Chase Across the USA will be:

The Compulsive Reader's blog!

I will drop you a note and get your address, but in the meantime, I must guess what state you live in. If I guess correctly, the $10.00 bookstore gift card that EVERY winner gets is then doubled to $20.00.

Now some of you may be wondering, since I send bookmarks and postcards out to folks all of the time, what happens if I know where the blogger lives? If I know and remember, I will guess CORRECTLY. But if I can't remember (and unfortunately, I have a horrible memory) I'm not going to go looking for the information, I will just guess.

So, today I'm going to guess the ARC of CHASING BROOKLYN will be going to:


Am I right?

Let me know in the comments with a yes or no!

Thanks to all who played this time around, and be sure to check back as I will be pointing people to the stops as the ARC travels coast to coast. I won't be having any more drawings to be a part of the tour here on my blog, but OTHERS WILL BE, and once they post, you can post on the appropriate blog to have another chance at winning then! There will be plenty of chances to try again, and I hope you will!


  1. Oh, so close! Just a little farther north and you'd have it! I am in Michigan.

  2. close Cant wait to find out were the next stop is