Friday, August 26, 2011

Videos courtesy of Simon and Schuster

When I was in New York City the end of June, I visited the S&S offices, and they took me into their studio and had me answer some questions.

Here are the results from that time in the studio!


  1. Very cool, Lisa. I watched both and they are so well done!!

  2. I really enjoyed the interview of the little girl and you and this video for the Cupcake book.

    You really found the key of success. Finding something to help people and bring light and joy in their lives. Cupcakes is perfect! I love it...

    And now cupcakes are going to be more of my life too. I have been seeing more of them around but now I am aware of why they are an important symbol right now...JOY!

    I made a little doll with a cup cake..
    on my blog.

    It is great to meet you online and Toad Hall. Have fun today at your Powells. I would come if I lived in Portland.