Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It really wasn't a hard choice at all

Last week, I was put in a tough situation and had to make a choice, because the old checkbook told me it was one thing or the other. Not both.

Don't you love it when life hands us a platter and says, sorry, you can't have it all. "You MUST choose."

I think that's what my mom called character building.

So what were my choices, you ask?

Getting this cute little thing good and healthy, after I took her to the vet last week only to learn she had nasty bacterial infections in both ears. The only way to really clean them out without hurting her was to put her under anesthesia. She also needed her teeth cleaned, so they'd do that as well.

Or, renew my web hosting that expires November 10th and commit to a web designer who had JUST e-mailed me back with a quote for her services to get a new site going for next year, when I have two new releases. I was this close [ ] to moving forward. And then I got the news about Stormy.

So... I spent ALL day Saturday trying to figure out what I could do all by myself for a web site. Something that wouldn't cost me a cent. I looked into wordpress, but the learning curve was just too steep. I'm trying to finish a book - THAT'S where my spare time should be spent. Still, I need a web site of some kind. Currently, my site gets almost 2,000 hits a month - and I get notes every week from people who come to my site and then want to get in touch with me about something.

What's hard is that there are many, MANY authors who have amazing web sites. Like I look at them and turn green with envy. Such beautiful spots on the web that they call home. But just like in real life, if I can't afford the beautiful mansion on the hill, that's simply the way it is.

Anyway, after hours and hours of trying to figure out templates, playing around with layouts and colors and a hundred other things, I got to a point late Saturday afternoon where I went - Wow, I think I can make this work! Do you know how relieved I was? The money I was prepared to spend on host renewal and a new web site could now go to getting sweet little Stormy well. (Okay, this makes it sound like I was actually considering not taking Stormy in and doing what needed to be done, which wasn't the case. Maybe I should say - I was relieved I wouldn't have to start going around the house figuring out what I could sell on e-bay to pay for everything).

If you're here, reading this blog - you are at the NEW web site! What do you think?

As for Stormy, I took her in on Monday. While they were doing the procedure, they discovered both her ear drums were ruptured, which is sad, although she still hears somewhat, I know she does. Just not as well as she used to. She is on strong antibiotics plus a mild steroid to reduce swelling, and I have to put drops in her ears twice a day. We have her on a strict diet to see if food allergies were the root of her ear issues to begin with. In two weeks, they want to see her again to see how things look, so this whole thing isn't over yet.

New (FREE) web site. Healthier dog. Yay for happy endings!!


  1. I love your new site!

    Although I, too, am filled with envy at some of the online sites I see, a website really just needs to be a place where people can find you.

    Well done!


  2. Beautiful :-) Easy to navigate and clean to look at, those are the important things to me and you got it in spades!

  3. Love the new look! I hope Stormy is feeling better very soon. My dog has had chronic ear issues, and lost her hearing completely about 2-3 years ago. She does well for a deaf pup.

  4. The website looks great, and I'm glad things are working out for your little doggy!

  5. Thanks everyone - I appreciate your support!!

  6. I like the new website, too! Great job!

  7. I'm so glad Stormy is doing better and like the new site!!!