Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yes, let's have FUN!!!

Have you all read this brilliant blog post by Maureen Johnson?

If not, you should. You really should! 

In her manifesto, she says, among other things, "Stop trying to sell everything about yourself to everyone. Don’t just hammer away and repeat and talk at people—talk TO people. It’s organic. Make stuff for the internet that matters to you, even if it seems stupid. Do it because it’s good and feels important. Put up more cat pictures. Make more songs. Show your doodles." ~ Maureen Johnson, author

Yes, on this blog, occasionally I will talk about my books, or good news I have to share. But I never want THAT to be my focus. Because how boring for you!! You want to learn something, or smile, or laugh, or maybe even cry when you are reading blogs. I know for sure you don't want to roll your eyes or mutter under your breath, or any number of other things.

So...yeah. Well said, Maureen. And, as I promised you months ago, because I know cute animals and cupcakes DO make people smile, here are some for your viewing pleasure. (In her post, one of the five things she says her message always is when talking about social networking is "Have more fun.") You know what? I LOVE that!! Yes, writing is often difficult and sometimes sad and perhaps not fun very often (although sometimes it is, yes?) and the publishing business is quite serious, but let's try to remember to have FUN on occasion, k??? 

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awwwww..... SO CUTE!!!


  1. FUN!!! :)

    I do have fun with my social networking, but I struggle with the time-suck part of it.

  2. I agree. Sometimes you need to see a cute picture of animals. :)

  3. I LOVED her Manifesto. And I personally think you do a wonderful job of being fun! :)

  4. Who doesn't love fun? Cute animal pics? Yummy cupcakes? Having fun is the best part of life. You can never have to much

  5. Such an adorable post!
    But I have to say...I love hearing about you...