Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Five

1. The sun is coming, the sun is coming!! This is very good news indeed, as we have had a very, VERY wet spring. All of you who have felt like it's summer for a month, I've been so envious and now, it's finally coming our way!

2. This is my favorite time of year, no question. I love the lazier days, the fresh fruit, the fact that I do not have to be Homework Assistant for a couple of months, family vacation time, SCBWI conference in LA, and and and... Yeah. Just feast your eyes on these babies. I'm not even going to tell you how much money I spend on fresh strawberries in the month of June. We eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, pretty much.

3. I just learned one of my favorite bands, Lifehouse, is coming to the state fair in September! Eeeee!!!

4. Got a little bit of good news yesterday... Hopefully it's going to lead to bigger good news.

5. I will mention this a few times in the coming weeks because I want to make sure people know and that I have a few people there (oh please, God, let there be at least a few people there). I will be doing a little talk, reading and signing at VROMAN'S BOOKSTORE IN PASADENA on JULY 1ST AT 7:00!!! So, so excited! And hoping people come.

Happy weekend!

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  1. I'm coming to Vroomans--you can't keep me away! And ooo, are you going to be at SCBWI LA too? Cause I am. Oh, and yay for Lifehouse. I've been bummed that they were touring with Daughtry--not because I don't like Daughtry, but because the venues were so big I could only get junky tickets and I didn't want to waste money on that. I hope they do a few headline tours on their own too, because I <3 them! Happy Friday!