Sunday, May 30, 2010

We interrupt this writing weekend

For a month or so I worked on a MG novel that was slow going. I mean, reallllly slow going.

Last week, after another frustrating day of writing, I threw my hands in the air and said, I give up. I didn't have all the pieces to write it, and more importantly, I didn't know WHY I was writing it anymore. I just didn't care. It was time to step away for awhile.

But last week I also flipped through my idea journal and stopped at a page I remember writing one day last fall, after I'd read a middle grade novel that really inspired me. The page wasn't anything that made much sense. It was mostly a list of items I liked the idea of including in a story, and that was it.

I stared at the page for a long time and thought, I want to write THIS book. Even though, at the time, I had no idea what "THIS book" was.

I stared at the page, and then out the window, and then at the page again, and low and behold, a bit of a premise came to me. And Thursday, I started writing.

Since Thursday, I've written almost 9,000 words. I am happy again! I am excited again! I care about the story and all the characters and when I'm not writing, I'm still thinking about them. You know what I'm talking about - when you just can't turn it off. I'm there. I'm finally there with something!!

And I'm SO relieved!!!


  1. It is so important to get glimpses like this into other writing lives. Makes those moments of struggle more like a community experience. Thanks!!

  2. Lisa, what a magical moment! 9,000 words already?! Congrats!

  3. WOW!!! Good for you! Writers LIVE for that feeling!

  4. Thanks for sharing this story. Sometimes the right thing to do is to walk away.

    I'm in wip love myself right now.

  5. Best. Feeling. EVER! So happy for you!

  6. Thanks all - I knew you'd understand!! :)