Thursday, April 2, 2009


Good News Piece #1 -

Last week I did a list of Wondering Wednesday questions. One of the things I was wondering about was whether FAR FROM YOU would ever be reviewed by "School Library Journal." I don't have to wonder anymore! It has been reviewed, along with a bunch of other on-line friends, so hooray! Here's the link if you want to check the April reviews out! Here's a snippet of the review for my book:

Gr 8 Up—"Schroeder weaves Alice in Wonderland (both Alice's namesake and her mother's favorite book) references throughout the book to echo the topsy-turvy nature of her protagonist's life. It is this roller coaster of emotions to which many teen readers will relate. A quick, yet satisfying, novel in verse."—Jill Heritage Maza, Greenwich High School, CT

Good News Piece #2 -

A wonderful librarian made a book trailer for the book. Isn't that amazing? You can see the trailer here.

Good News Piece #3 -

Another wonderful librarian is giving away FOUR copies of FAR FROM YOU, thanks to my generous publisher. So far, she only has four entries, so your chances are pretty good if you want to enter to win.

Good News Piece #4 -

This week I've been contacted by a middle school teacher and a media specialist, saying very nice things about me and my books. One of them asked about doing a Skype visit with me! I've been dragging my feet in trying to figure Skype out, but I guess it's time. Kate, I may take you up on that offer to test it out with you and some of your students!

Good New Piece #5 -

My editor sent me this beautiful multi-page, colorful brochure S&S is putting out promoting poetry. In the section on verse novels, my books and I are in there along with Sonya Sones and Ellen Hopkins. Me! With them!! I can't believe it.

Good News Piece #6 -

I am sending bookmarks to the teacher and media specialist to hand out. They were THRILLED when I offered them. I still have tons of I HEART YOU bookmarks that need a home, so if you are a middle school or high school teacher or librarian or know of any, please contact me and I'll be happy to send you a bunch of bookmarks for your kids!