Monday, October 5, 2015

Scavenger hunt winner and book trailer!

Congratulations to Katie T. who is the winner of the framed print + book of choice. Thanks to everyone who participated in the YA scavenger hunt over the weekend!

I'm now going to share the ALL WE HAVE IS NOW book trailer I made for the scavenger hunt with everyone. My 18-year-old son helped me make it doing something a little different. We used Stop Motion Studio and did the entire video using an iPhone. Pretty amazing, I think. Since he was heading off for college, it was fun to have something to work on together during the last week or so of his summer vacation. So yeah, maybe I had an ulterior motive in doing something this way. But can you blame me?

I realize it's not as professional as the ones where a crew is hired and all of that, but it gives a nice little visual of the book, and I hope librarians and teachers might find it helpful for a book talk.

So here it is!

Have a great week! Lisa

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