Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bookmarks, get your bookmarks!

We are just one week away from the official release of FROSTING AND FRIENDSHIP!

A wonderful librarian (Hi Sandi!) who has been a fan of the series since the very beginning e-mailed me today asking if I had new bookmarks I could send her, and I realized I should offer some up to any teachers or librarians who are interested. I will even sign them for you! Here's what the front of the bookmark looks like.

I'm speaking at the Oregon Association of School Librarians in October, and need to make sure I have 100 or so available to give out there, but that still leaves me a few hundred left to mail out. So once I see how many people are interested, I'll divide them up and mail them.

If you are a parent who REALLY wants one for your child, I'll see what I can do. Fill out the form and if I have enough, I'll send you one or two.

To request some bookmarks, just complete the form below - thanks!

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