Thursday, June 6, 2013

If I were Queen of YA covers

Jeri Smith-Ready revealed the cover for her new contemporary YA novel coming out in 2014. I commented on twitter that I love it. (You can read a synopsis of the book here)

If I were Queen of YA Covers, I would say, let's have more artistic covers like this, please!!

I was browsing a great web site,, which gives an easy-to-read list of upcoming YA releases, and although I hardly found any artistic covers in my quick scan, I did find some that feel different to me than the usual fare, and I'm curious if others like these that are different, or is it just me?

I need to get back to revisions, so I don't have time to link to indiebound so you can learn what these books are about, but do look them up if you're curious. Mostly I just felt like crowning myself Queen of YA Covers for a day, or you know, five minutes, where I say - more creative and different covers, please!

A side note: There is a series my 16 YO son loves, but I don't think he ever would have read them if he wasn't able to take the covers off so he could take them to school. The covers feature a teen boy and girl (though they look older) and he really hated the covers. A lot. I feel like so many of the covers are marketed toward girls, and if we want boys to pick up books and read them regardless of whether a male or female tells the story, publishing really needs to try and do a better job with covers.

All right. Carry on. I have other royal duties to attend to, haha.


  1. I like all of these covers. I definitely prefer covers that don't focus on a model's face. I'm especially drawn to the BUBBLE WORLD cover--that alone makes me curious about the book. And the last cover reminds me of the adult novel DISCOVERY OF WITCHES, which I believe was quite popular. Hopefully these covers are a sign of new trends to come, because I like them!

  2. I'm not especially crazy about most of them aesthetically, but some of these covers do make me curious, the handcuff made of sand and the repetition of "I will not stalk that boy" in particular. I don't think commercial or artistic covers are inherently better; the goal should be to communicate something unique and intriguing about the book. It doesn't hurt if they're also attractive and not embarrassing to read in public. (But more illustrated YA covers would be nice.)