Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good thoughts for Stormy please

My poor dog.

On a walk a few weeks ago, she stuck her head into a bush, not realizing the cat inside that bush would not take kindlyto her peeking there. The cat hissed and clawed at Stormy, and I'm pretty sure scratched her eyeball, which has resulted in an ulcer in her eye.

We've been to the vet three times so far w/ two different antibiotics and today a little procedure done to hopefully get the blood cells to react and go to the area and fight to get rid of the ulcer. It's supposed to get worse before it gets better, and it could very well not get better, which means we will have to see an eye specialist next.

For the next week, she continues to wear the cone of shame and I continue to give her drops four times a day as equally spaced over twenty four hours out as I can manage. It really has not been fun, especially for her.

If you can send good thoughts that the treatment today helps heal the ulcer on her cornea so we don't have to go to the specialist, I would really appreciate it. And Stormy too, of course.

Update 6/14/13 - Stormy did have to see the specialist and have another procedure done. But hopefully the worst is over. We go back for a recheck in ten days, so hoping at that point, we'll hear some good news, finally. Thanks for all your good thoughts!


  1. I'm sorry Stormy! I'm sorry Lisa about your poor dog! I wish you both the best.

  2. I'm sending good thoughts for Stormy that the opthamalogist appointment on Friday goes well. The poor girl :(