Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Switched at birth stories

Do you find switched at birth stories fascinating?

Me too!

A new story was released yesterday - you can read about it HERE.

When I wrote The Day Before, I used a real-life switched at birth story that happened in another country (England, I believe) as inspiration. I've since tried to find that story, and haven't been able to. Basically, two parents realized something was wrong when their daughter needed a blood transfusion and neither of them were a match for her blood type.

The mystery surrounding Amber in my book isn't revealed right away. Her history, and why she wants to get away to the beach to spend the day, unravels slowly. So the flap copy doesn't talk about the switched at birth thing. But today, I'm sharing that plot element because maybe you are like me, and find switched at birth stories fascinating. And if you do, you might like to read The Day Before!


  1. I also find them fascinating and look forward to reading your story. I heard/saw a true story on Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction years ago that I have always remembered...

    "A woman discovered thanks to her premarital exam that her blood group wasn't like her parents's. She came to the hospital with her fiancé who was born the same day and at the same place in a confusing night (a new's year eve, during a tempest). The mess led the nurses to write the wrong sex on minute books. So she was switched at birth with her own future husband, no less."

  2. I also think that Switched at Birth stories are fascinating.

    There is one on the internet, about two 12-year-old girls in Russia. When one set of parents were getting a divorce, the father refused to pay child support because the girl looked nothing like him. DNA and blood tests where done, and it was found out that in fact, the girl was not either parent's biological daughter.

    They found out that their daughter had been switched at birth with another family's daughter. The family lived a few miles away from them. The girls decided to stay with their current parents.

    Reading that story, I just went, Wow.