Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm up to

1. I'm busy trying to keep my sanity in regards to the recent release (not doing nearly as well at this as I'd like). Let it go, let it go, let it go.

2. I'm busy revising a manuscript for an editor.

3. I'm busy trying not to gain 20 pounds while doing that revising.

4. I'm also busy trying to keep the kids from killing each other while doing that revising.

5. Another 7-10 days and hopefully I'll be done with that revising (second one of the summer, in case anyone is counting. I am. Obviously.)

In other news, this Friday I will be very sad. Please send chocolate. Oh wait, don't (see #2 above). I know many people are sad about the Harry Potter movies coming to an end, but for me, it's all about Friday Night Lights coming to an end.


Last Friday's episode, I had tissues all over the couch by the end of the show. Can you even imagine what it's going to be like after the last episode?


Texas Forever!!!!!!!



  1. I'm a Friday Night Lights fan too! Oh, I'm so sad about the show coming to an end. In the last episode, the part where Tammy said (paraphrasing), "I am going to have the grace to say to you what you have yet to say to me: Congratulations." Oh, that just killed me. Such a great, great show. Nothing else like it on TV right now.

  2. Good luck with it ALL. Even enduring the end of Friday Night Lights today.