Friday, July 8, 2011

Five things on a Friday - The Day Before edition

1. Thank you to everyone who has read THE DAY BEFORE and posted nice reviews on goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, your blog, etc. Seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! In case you want to read a few...

Go HERE (Books, Sweets and Other Treats)

Or HERE (Novel Novice)

Or HERE (Story Siren)

2. Some people are having trouble finding the book. Please do order it if you go to a store and they don't have it. The more people who order it, the higher the chance that the store will end up carrying it. It's all about supply and demand - if you demand it, they'll supply it!

3. There are many signed copies available at Books of Wonder in New York! If you pay with a credit card over the phone, they will SHIP IT TO YOUR DOOR! Call 212-989-3270 to place your order.

4. I did an interview over at YA Highway where I answered *all* of the questions from lines from the book. It's like your own little sneak peek of the book - check it out HERE.

5. I have seven book plates left - e-mail me at lisaschroederbooks (at) gmail (dot) com if you'd like a signed book plate to stick in your copy of THE DAY BEFORE. What I write will be specific for *this* book, so you'll need a copy of this particular book, not one of my other ones. The first seven people will get one.  I'll update the blog when the seven are gone.
*update - the book plates are gone, thank you!*

I leave you with one thought today, something Matt Nathanson (one of my favorite singer/songwriters, and he is mentioned in THE DAY BEFORE) tweeted this morning and then Heather Zenzen retweeted with a comment attached. Here it is:

Yes. This! RT  Or a book. RT : people spend $4 on a latte. and complain that albums are too expensive. yuck.

Let's support artists, writers and musicians, even if we have to skip a couple of lattes to do it, yes? :)


  1. I so haven't read the day before yet but I plan on getting it soon like as soon as possible

  2. Hi Kate - thanks so much, it means a lot!!!