Monday, June 13, 2011

Look what I found...

This weekend, my husband and I went for a walk while the sun decided to grace us with its presence. We were walking pretty briskly, as I like to do, so imagine my surprise when I caught a glimpse of what I thought was a four-leaf clover. I stopped, reached down to check, and sure enough, it was.

And sitting right next to it was another one and right next to THAT one was a five-leaf clover!!!

Does this mean I'm due for some good luck three times over? Wheeeee, I hope so, especially if it relates to this $*%& revision I've been working on that is about to do me in!


  1. OMG!!!!!! That is so so awesome!!! Hope it means good things for you!! And the fiver...that's gotta be extra good luck, right???

  2. Finding a four (or five!) leaf clover is always worth celebrating! Maybe you could keep them in view as you revise, to keep your spirits up. :-)