Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dream big 2010 - written by Suzanne Young

Who could have guessed that a book about cheerleaders investigating cheating boyfriends would be my ticket to happiness? Um… not me.

But that’s exactly what it has become. From the minute I started writing, I met other writers in the cyber world who became great friends. Supportive. It was almost like learning a new language. A secret handshake. A society that could communicate solely in blog posts.

I found a home.

I didn’t set out to sell a book. I just wanted to write and tell a love story. Then I wanted to entertain my friends. The last piece was publishing it. And for me, I really think that’s why it worked. My writing is stream of consciousness and my intentions would have shown right through if my only goal were to “sell big." It may work for some people; it just wouldn’t have worked for me.

I write to find love (through my characters). I write to experience life (through my characters). And as a prize, my writing has brought me those things.

Now living in Portland, I have found the most amazing community of friends anyone could ask for. Just a stroll through my blog and you’ll find incredible writers that live here and have generously allowed me into their lives. I’m so happy and it’s because I followed my heart. I wrote what was in my heart.

I followed a dream, not just a goal.


Suzanne Young is a brilliant scientist. Not really. But she is a former middle school teacher turned zookeeper (mother). When Suzanne’s not fending off zombie squirrels or narrating her daughter’s Barbie soap operas, she can be found camping on the Oregon coast or writing obsessively. Suzanne is the author of The Naughty List series which is about a group of cheerleaders who investigate cheating boyfriends. Which Suzanne never did. Or at least, not that you can prove.


  1. I really enjoyed the post and I will be looking into your books! Thanks Lisa for bringing us Suzanne! And thanks Suzanne for sharing!:)

  2. Fabulous post, Suzanne. As a former band geek, I can't wait to vicariously experience love, cheerleader-style!

  3. I love this dream theme...I hopped over here through suzanne's blog, and it's been so great to read all the other writers' thoughts about following their dreams! what a great idea!

  4. I know what you mean about finding love through your characters, Suzanne. Can't wait to read your book. :)

  5. Such a passionate post. I'll be looking out for The Naughty List :))

  6. Thanks, Lisa and Suzanne! Can't wait to see TNL on shelves :)