Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cover Reveal!

Last summer, this book came out:

It features a message in a bottle, a secret wish-making club, a book mobile, and more. It's a book about family and friendship and doing your best to help people in need. You can purchase it NOW!

Next summer, July, 2019, the sequel comes out:

I wrote this book during one of the most difficult times in my personal life, after my husband injured his back and was in terrible pain for months. The title is appropriate, as I was doing a lot of wishing on stars during this time, let me tell you. I also wrote it as my heart ached over the inhumane policy of detaining innocent children without their parents. At its core, it is a book about what it means to be an ally - to stand up and take on someone's struggle as their own and try to affect change for that person and others like them. Does Juliet make mistakes in her attempts to do the right thing? Yes, because no one is perfect. But she tries & learns. And my hope is that children will read it and learn as well. This will be my first middle-grade novel picked up for audio - exciting! 

If you haven't read Juliet's story yet or shared it with a young person in your life, I hope you will. I'm proud of both of these books, but they need a little help getting noticed. 

Thanks, as always, for reading!