Sunday, December 27, 2020

What will I remember about 2020?

Sometimes I wonder what I'll remember about 2020. Most likely I will remember the anger and grief I felt on a regular basis. The stark realization that far too many people don't have the compassion and empathy for our fellow human beings in order to have the kind of society I long to live in. The truth laid bare during a once-in-a-lifetime national crisis that far too many politicians value power and wealth over all else.
But I believe (and hope) I will remember so much more. The music that lifted me and/or comforted me. The shows that made me happy and felt like a giant hug at a time when I really needed them, like Ted Lasso and Soul. The books and shows that lifted me up and took me to faraway places, like The Invisible Life of Addie Larue and The Mandalorian. The love and admiration for my family and friends that has only grown during this difficult year. Those joyful moments of dog walks, bike rides, and spontaneous day trips to soak up the great outdoors, because through the darkness, those light-filled moments feel infinitely more special.
I hope I remember that in the midst of it all, I was able to do that which I love to do -- write. What a treat to spend time with characters I grew to love, but in order to find them, I had to begin, and what an important lesson that is for me. I hope I remember how hard I tried to bring kindness and light to others. I probably didn't always succeed, but I tried and in the trying, I myself found light and joy. I am fortunate in that I have not struggled the way many have struggled. I give thanks for that fact every day. But we have all experienced loss this year, in some form or another. Still, because of scientists, medical professionals, bright minds, creative souls, artists, musicians, storytellers, dreamers, loving hearts, comforting paws, and my own sheer determination and resilience, I made it through. And if you're reading this, you did too. And I hope I remember the immense gratitude I feel for that.

(📷: me, on one of our daily dog walks)