Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Quick Update

I've been busy. I know, I keep saying that.

I've been busy staring at the beautiful new books that arrived, and thinking how nice the three all look together.

I've been busy writing and editing. Here is the cat, keeping me company while I read through pages. When I'm at my desk, the dog is at my feet. I'm never alone. Fortunately, they're quiet helpers. Most of the time.

I've been busy Skyping with some students. Here's a photo one class sent to thank me for getting up at 5 AM. Sometimes that time difference is a killer. They were worth it though. Look at those faces!

I've been busy presenting. Here are a couple of photos from the fabulous Cavalcade of Authors. I love this event! I was so busy, I forgot to take many photos. If you squint really hard, you'll see M.T. Anderson in the background. I sat with Brandon Mull at this lunch table, with two students who placed in the writing contest. They were so happy to sit with him! The second photo is of Leslie, who helps run the whole event and one of her daughters, Madison. I first met them when I went to this event six years ago and I just adore them so much.

The first draft of my current project is finished, so I'm doing a read-through, revising as I go, hoping to send it to my editor SOON. Next weekend I have to give a keynote at the Oregon Writing Festival, which is very exciting, but I still need to prepare that keynote. Eep. The fun never ends!!!

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  1. Has it really been six years since your original Cavalcade? It was my second time going and I remember your session ~ it was a marvelous experience.