Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring break!

One week of no alarm clocks.

One week of writing in the mornings while the rest of the family sleeps

One week of naps and netflix.

One week of Mother Nature unable to make up her mind (pouring today, with some hail mixed in. By Thursday, supposed to be sunny and 75 - YAY!)

One week of reading here and there, in between everything else.

On Sunday I'm off to southern Oregon for some school visits. But until then, it is nice not having much of a schedule. I love spring break because it is a pause just before the last big push to get to summer. April and May are going to be busy. In June, my youngest son graduates from high school, which is just beyond impossible to believe.

Where has the time gone?

For everything, there is a season...

Happy Spring!

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