Monday, April 8, 2013

Five things that make me happy

I am feeling down for a few different reasons, so in an effort to cheer myself up, here are five things that make me happy right now.

1. Oikos Greek Yogurt has some new flavors, and I am kind of obsessed. For lunch I just had Toasted Coconut with some fresh pineapple cut up in there. YUMM-O!!!

Banana cream is FANTASTIC (might be my favorite of the ones I've tried). Orange Cream is good. I haven't tried Key Lime but I have one in the fridge I'll try soon. 


2. I am loving New Girl this season, wondering if Nick and Jess are ever going to get together. But my DVR cut the show off, and I have no idea how it ended last week. He said good-night and then it was over for me. Did they go their separate ways or not? Please, if you know, fill me in! This show makes me laugh every single week. Love it so much.


3. And because I need to laugh right now as I juggle a hundred different things (not really, it just seems that way to me most days) I love this book that I'm reading right now. So fun. So funny. I love Nate and this book totally deserves all the buzz it's been getting.


4. I broke down and got HBO last month because I couldn't stand the thought of waiting for who- knows-how-long to watch the new season of Game of Thrones. Well, since getting HBO, I've watched a few movies I hadn't seen or even thought about for ages.

Rocky. Back to the Future. Sister Act. My oldest son even watched Back to the Future with me, and he really liked it. I'd forgotten what a GREAT movie it is. Definitely one to watch with your tweens/teens if they haven't seen it yet. Anyway, hooray for movies that stand the test of time!


5. And finally, bangs. I grew out my bangs two or three years ago and really tried to make it work, because I had this thing in my head that a lot of people think bangs are not stylish or something. I don't know. But last week I was tired of it and I asked my stylist to give me bangs again, she did, and I am so much happier. Not nearly as cute as Reese, there, of course, but yay for bangs, I say!

So what about you? What's bringing you a little joy these days?


  1. I'm sorry you're feeling down but I hope sun comes out for you soon! :)
    Things that are making me happy: good coffee, dark chocolate, writing at Panera, Spring Break this week.

  2. Game of Thrones is amazing!

    I need to rewatch Back to the Future because you're right-those movies are awesome and I think they stand the test of time. Such great storytelling.

    I need to catch up on New Girl-I stopped watching it last year but heard it's so funny I need to go back to it.