Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On thinking positive

When my oldest son was 12 or 13, he had to wear head gear to bed every night for eight long months. It was not fun, as you can imagine. The day the orthodontist told him he didn't have to wear it anymore was a happy day. 

We stopped in at his favorite card/gaming shop to buy a pack of figures for this game he had as a reward for his diligence.

While we were walking inside, he said out loud, "I really want Captain America." (He has many, many Captain America comic books and has been a die-hard fan long before the movie).

These packs had random figures in them. You never knew what you're going to get. 

So, we went into the store with both of that in our brains. I thought, it would be so great if he got Captain America.

He told the guy he wanted a Hero Clicks pack (or whatever they're called) and we both stood there, and I knew we were both thinking the same thing.

The guy opened a brand new pack with a LOT of boxes. And he picked one from the middle. He handed it to my son, who smiled and pointed to the picture of the Hero on the box. They were all random as well. The Hero on the box was Captain America. I could tell my son was thinking, this is a good sign. 

When we got to the car, he opened the box. 

Not only did he get a Captain America figure, he got one that is REALLY rare. He was so excited!

I know we don't always get what we want. And my kids know that as well. They've had plenty of times when they've opened a card pack or a box of figures or whatever and not gotten what they wanted.

So what's my point?

My point is - think positive! Don't send that manuscript out thinking, why am I doing this, no agent/editor is even going to want it?

Send it out thinking, someone is going to love this! 

Today, for myself as well as for everyone out there wishing and hoping for good things, we need to remember

Captain America IS possible!!!!

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