Thursday, September 6, 2012

Can a sense of fashion be learned?

Hey, thanks to everyone who entered the contest for the ARC of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES and a signed paperback of SPRINKLES AND SECRETS. The winner has been notified, and she has replied, and I'll be sending her the books in the next day or two. I wish I had lots of copies to send to everyone!

So this morning, I was thinking about fashion, and I wrote this little post over on tumblr, and thought I'd post it here as well.

The last time I flew, to LA, there was this beautiful young woman a couple of rows ahead of me. Every time I looked up from my book, I couldn’t help but look at her. She read a fashion magazine the entire 2-hour flight. When she got up to go to the bathroom, I saw that she wasn’t only beautiful, she was really put together. Like, she knew how to dress, and I thought about how envious I am of that ability.
Since I was in middle school, I’ve struggled with “style.” Some people know exactly what they like and know how to put clothes together in a way that works. I’m not one of those people. 
I think part of is that because I’m short and stocky, not a lot looks good on me. The beautiful young woman was tall and thin with legs that went on for a mile. She had leggings and heels on, and a strange knit shirt that was half a cape or something. But on her, it totally worked. 
On me, the whole outfit would have been a disaster.
Anyway, today I’ve been thinking about clothes and fashion, as we are close to heading into a new season, and how so many people love fall and the clothes that go along with it. For me it’s like, well, time to go back to wearing jeans and hoodies. As a writer, most of the time, it works and I’m fine with it. But those times when I have to venture out, to do appearances or school visits or just go out with friends, I wish I had a better sense of style. I wish I could walk into a store and not get stressed out trying to figure out what to buy. 
I really try to be appreciative of all that I have and to not live being envious of what other people have or whatever. But a fashion sense? Some days, I reallywish I had one, and I have to admit, I often envy other people who clearly have one.
I wonder if a sense of fashion can be learned, and if so, how? And if it can, is it worth all of the time it would take? What do you think?


  1. I am SO with you! I see people like that and I just feel so frumpy. I don't know if it can be learned but I'll take that class with you! I'm working on losing weight and I think that'll help just cause clothes will look better on me. But even some heavier people can pull off the 'together' look and manage to look stunning. Not me though....

  2. Ha, Lisa, I just posted about this on Facebook. I definitely live in the same few shirts and hoodies the vast majority of the time. My sister is one of those people who always looks great, and she's tried to help me out once or twice, but it always just looks like I'm just playing dress-up.

    At least we landed in a profession where we can spend most of our time at home in near-pajamas, right? :)

    But seriously, if you figure out how to suddenly (and comfortably) become more fashionable, feel free to let me know!