Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arizona Recap

Here are some things we did while in Tucson last week for spring break.

We visited this mission and there was so much to look at inside, even though it wasn't very large. But the detail in the art was incredible.

We visited the Desert museum, and my favorite part was the hummingbird exhibit that you could walk through. We found three nests - here's a picture of one of them, with the mama bird sitting in the nest.

We went on a beautiful hike in Madera canyon. Wow - the views were incredible!! LOVED it!

We also visited Tombstone and the Kartchner Caves after that, which was REALLY amazing, but no cameras were allowed inside.

We'd never been to Arizona, so it was interesting to see a place so different from green and lush Oregon. It's good to be home, but I MISS THE SUN!!!


  1. I lived in Scottsdale for seven years and I love Arizona. It's such a beautiful state, so much diversity. You have deserts and forests and mountains and snow and sun -- it's just incredible. I'm glad your family enjoyed it there. We'll be visiting again soon :)

  2. The hummingbird exhibit is my favorite as well and I agree the caves are amazing!! :-)

  3. such a beautiful places to visit. glad you had a great time :)