Friday, August 20, 2010

Cute animals for your Friday

I am obviously feeling the lazy days of summer. I think about blogging, nothing helpful or funny or interesting comes to mind, so I just... skip it. I've been feeling like a very small fish in the very big ocean lately anyway, and when I feel that way, blogging is not the best thing for me. Stepping away from the internet is really the best thing for me. And that's something I'm going to do in a bit here for the rest of the day because my family is gone on this beautiful, summer day, doing some work for my mom. So, I decided I'm going to take a picnic lunch and a book and hang out in the fresh air and sunshine this afternoon. Ahhhh....

So, I've heard there have been sightings of Little Chimp in bookstores! And sure enough, I checked the stock of my local Barnes and Noble and all say "In Stock." So, yay for little chimp! I may have to go and visit him later. :)

Do you like cute animals?

If so, then I think you'll like this book!!

In the jungle,
in the tree,
sits a little chimpanzee.
Mother said she'd be right back.
But now the branch snaps with a crack...

And in a SNAP, Little Chimp is off on a big adventure in the jungle.

Hope you all have a fun, adventurous weekend!!


  1. Another book!?!? You are a force of nature! We'll definitely check this one out. My three-year-old is obsessed with monkeys.

    Congrats, Lisa!

  2. Cutest pictures ever!

    Can't wait to read Little Chimp.