Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And I thought writing was hard...

I've begun packing for ALA, trying to get everything into one carry-on. It's difficult with a capital D because:

a) the black shoes I will wear with my capris pants on Saturday are not dressy enough to wear with the black dress I will wear to the Newbery dinner Sunday night. Furthermore, I do not want to wear black the whole entire time, so that means I am now up to at least 3 pairs of shoes, most likely more.

b) The forecast says sunny with a chance of thunder showers. Now I have to pack an umbrella. Or a jacket. Or both.

c) You know whenever you go to a conference, you have to make sure you have a sweater because it gets chilly? I can’t pack just one because one doesn’t go with everything. I have to pack at least three.

d) I use four different brushes and two different curling irons when I’m doing my hair to look its best. No, I am not joking. I have thick, wavy hair and it’s just what is required! Many weekends and when I’m on vacation, I just let it be wild, wavy and frizzy. But this is not a weekend when I particularly want to go with the wild and wavy look. I’m really in trouble if my hotel room doesn't have a hair dryer.

e) I can’t decide what I want to wear Sunday morning to the event where I'm one of the featured authors. Basically this means I'll be packing two different outfits, maybe even three. I know you're thinking, just pack one and then you HAVE to wear that one. Are you kidding me? Of course I would wake up Sunday morning and HATE that outfit, and then what???

I should just have my husband pack for me. He would throw in four t-shirts, clean underwear, one pair of jeans and call it good.


  1. Okay, really laughing here. I can't help it, because I am like this every time I pack to go somewhere, even for a weekend with family. I just can't stop thinking of possibilities and what I would need. Hey, perhaps that is a good sign--the "what-if" way a writer's brain works? Good luck in clothing and conference.

  2. I'm joining in with the laughter. :) "What if...?" is the female question, and there's no shame in that.

    Good luck with everything, Lisa! Keep us updated.