Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Five in Books

I'm home today, to clean house and hang with the kids. Went to my brother's wedding last night and it was great fun. My kids had so much fun dancing!

Thought I'd quickly share some good books with all of you.

This one, SOUL ENCHILADA by David Macinnis Gill, made me laugh out loud the whoooole way through.

This one, EYES LIKE STARS by Lisa Mantchev, made me wish I could have four little fairies as friends. I think Mustardseed was my favorite. So fun!!

This one, MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD, by Fransisco X. Stark, I'm reading right now and it is incredible.

I'm going to read this one, THE SEASON by Sarah MacLean, next. It's supposed to be sunny for the next 7 days and it seems like the perfect book to read on the patio with a cup of iced tea! I was just looking at goodreads, and wow, everyone LOVES this book.

Hmmm, that's only four. Okay, number five isn't a book, it's a movie. Robert Downey, Jr. AND Jude Law in one movie!! Are you kidding me? Cannot wait!!

Have a great weekend!

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