Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wondering Wednesday

1 - I wonder why the beginnings of my books basically remain unchanged while the endings always need a lot of work.

2 - I wonder why it always has to rain over spring break.

3 - I wonder why royalty statements are so hard to read and understand.

4 - I wonder why I crave sweets so much, especially when I'm stressed.

5 - I wonder why some books get more buzz than others.

6 - I wonder why some people live such charmed lives.

7 - I wonder why writing one book can be easy and writing a different book can be extremely difficult.

8 - I wonder why some authors seem to know what they're doing and where they're going from the get-go and some authors, like me, sell six books and still have no idea.

9 - I wonder why I can't make a decision about going to Seattle.

10 - I wonder why School Library Journal didn't review FAR FROM YOU and if three months post-release, there's still a chance they will.


  1. I wonder why I don't have royalty checks to decipher? ;) Wow six books? I'm super impressed!

  2. Well, I can only answer number two - it's because you live in Oregon! I that 'going to Seattle' your talking about is a permanent move, prepare for the same all summer long!

    That said - boy do I miss Oregon! I'd take rain over Utah snow any day of any year!