Saturday, March 14, 2009

Six things on a Saturday

1. My younger son is having a friend come over to play at 9:00 this morning. Last night he said, "Wake me up at 7:30." I looked at him funny. Then he said, "Well, I take long showers!"

2. My other son slept over at a friend's house last night. So while G and his friend play here (after he's very clean) I am going to write. Nothing else but write. I told him this last night and he said, "But mom, what if we need a snack or something?" I gave him a look, and he smiled and said, "Just kidding." Isn't he so funny?

3. Tonight we are going out to dinner with friends for a birthday. I love going out to dinner with friends! This is something we don't do nearly enough and I'm just SO excited. Except, I don't know where we're going. I can't remember. So I must call today and find out. Obviously it's not the food I'm excited about, but just think if the place is really great, then I'll be SUPER excited!

4. My revisions for the YA are coming along, even though I feel like each word is similar to taking a step on a floor covered with glass. Painful! I'm having to add lots of new pages in different spots, and I'll get to a place where I need to add something, stare at the page for a couple of minutes, then click over to facebook or LJ. Why do I think this might help? It doesn't help! I must either write words, even if they are bad, or continue staring and thinking. NO clicking!!

5. This morning I have banana bread I made yesterday to go with my tea while I write. Mmmmmm. So now instead of clicking, I can chew. My story may thank me but my butt, not so much.

6. I love how God knows when I need some encouragement and sends just the right note at just the right time. Last night I got one from a girl named Emily who said, "I read the book I Heart You You Haunt Me. I just could not stop reading the book. Please please please make something similar to that..."

I think CHASING BROOKLYN just might fit the bill. So I better get to it. Emily is waiting! :)

Happy weekend!

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  1. Wow to have a fan write that must be amazing! Good luck on your WIP's. off to my own busy Saturday!