Sunday, March 8, 2009

One revision down

and one revision to go!

On top of doing line edits for IT'S RAINING CUPCAKES, my editor asked if I might have any cupcake recipes we could put in the back of the book. Of course they couldn't come from any book or magazine, due to copyright issues.

I have a couple of recipes I've made over the years that are the best of some of different recipes. But I hadn't really written anything down, so yesterday I went to work, writing things down as I went, hoping they turned out with the measurements I was using.

I made three different kinds. One wasn't particularly successful. But the other two - YUM!! Sorry, I can't tell you what flavor they are - it's top secret!

I'll be sending the recipes to my editor next week, and hopefully they'll get a big thumbs-up and make their way into the book.

I'm no Martha Stewart when it comes to frosting them, but here are some pictures. Now I have to get on to the other book I need to revise. Think I'll go for a run first, though. I mean, if you bake them, you have to try them, right? Ahh, the things we do for the sake of literature.


  1. I followed you here from Korianne Speaks, and now I'm done for. I mean, I should be painting...but now all I really want to do is go make cupcakes!

    (actually it's the eating part that is the driving force here)

    Looking forward to reading one of your books. Which one should I start with?

  2. Hi Christy - so glad to "meet" you. Your art is beautiful!!

    I've blogged over at Livejournal for years, and finally decided I'd try cross-posting to blogger, since some people just don't like LJ.

    Anyway - books. FAR FROM YOU is more meaty, more plot driven. I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME is more of a grab-your-tissue love story. Does that help?