Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Three things on a Tuesday

1. I've been battling this terrible bug my older son had last week that kept him home from school all week. I've been alternating between echinacea and cold-eeze, and it really does seem to be working. Sunday and Monday I had moments of feeling really horrible, but this morning I woke up and thought, I feel okay. With cough drops and ibuprofen, I'm hoping I will make it through the work day. Of course my other son is nearing the end of the trimester and has a speech to practice tonight and a bunch of homework. So, I need to make it through the evening too. Hopefully I can!

2. Did anyone see the Oprah show last week where Lisa Ling went into the tent city in Sacramento? All of these people, many who have set up camp recently and used to have a job and a home and a car, just like me, are now living in tents. Apparently it's happening all across the country, people who can't make their house payments, have no where to go, and so, they pitch a tent and live in this made-up tent city. Incredible. When asked what they would do differently, if they could go back, most, if not all, said they would spend less and save more. And all of them said the thing they missed the most was a hot shower in their own bathroom.

3. On top of work and surviving the sick ward, I am doing writerly stuff as I can. I started a new YA, got one chapter down, then had to abandon it when I received some general revision suggestions for my next YA.

A friend on Livejournal, Karen, was kind to offer tarot readings yesterday, and here is what the cards had to say, when I asked about juggling so many things right now. This line brought tears to my eyes, because I really believe it is true - "when you are creating, you are exercising your soul's purpose."

"The Empress, 3 of Wands,

The Star.Wow, lovely reading. Very positive and creative - the Empress is the 3rd card of the Major Arcana, and of course there is the 3 of Wands. 3 = creativity. The Empress says that you are like an earth mother and filled with love for family & friends. Not that you can put too much into those things (they are obviously hugely important), but perhaps it is time to focus on your writing - I mean, give it centre stage for a while? None of these cards talk about the *business* of writing, which is interesting - they are ALL about the creative act itself. The Empress is a fertile, creative woman. The 3 of Wands = wands are about writing & inspiration. The Star is the personification of ART. So I think this is where you could put your focus.

The 3 of Wands represents opportunity. There is tremendous potential, perhaps in something you are writing now, or a project that you really want to write but think you don't have time for. Maybe a collaborative project could be something fun & creatively fulfilling? The Star is just a magical beautiful card, saying that when you are creating, you are exercising your soul's purpose. Not only are you going to benefit from this magic, you also *bestow* magic on others. (Which personally, I'm not surprised to see in your reading. I love reading your blog - you're so generous!) If you have a true creative dream, the Star says that now is the time to put your mind to it... it could actually come true. :)"

Thanks Karen! It's good to hear that focusing on my creativity right now is the right thing to do!

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