Sunday, November 3, 2013

For Sale

I wish I had a half a million dollars lying around. If I did, I'd be buying THIS.

Why, you ask?

Because I have many, many happy memories of that place.

If you scroll through the pictures, the little white house was where my great grandparents lived when they settled here. It was the home my grandma Ellamae and great aunt Helen grew up. After my grandma and grandpa got married, they eventually made their way back home, and built a tiny little house on the same property where they lived with their three young daughters. Years later, they built the brick house and made their old house the garage.

In the early eighties, I lived in the little white house for a time with my mom and brother while my mom went back to school. And I spent many, many nights with my grandparents over the years. My mom has spent quite a bit of money updating the two houses, especially the smaller white one. I love that the pink bathroom remains in the brick one, though.

We moved around a lot growing up, so besides the house I live in now with my husband and kids, this is the place that most feels like home.

My beloved cocker spaniel, Lucky, is buried under one of the apple trees. I used to mow the lawn with the riding lawn mower. I swung on the tire swing. I rode horses around the corral. I jumped on the trampoline that my grandpa built years ago in the hay loft of the barn. And one summer, after I picked strawberries (which paid for the cocker spaniel mentioned above), I sat in the family room every day and watched General Hospital with my grandma. Good times, you know? The best, really.

It's a long story as to why it's up for sale, and we've all come to terms with the fact that this is what has to be done. It doesn't mean I have to like it, though. And it doesn't mean that I can't wish with all my heart that the money would magically appear so we could buy it.

If you know someone who might be interested in some property with two houses, a barn, a big shop out back, and more, send them the link. It's a good place. The best, really.

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  1. That is such a beautiful piece of property--it reminds me a lot of where I grew up in south Clackamas County. There's nothing like those big trees and open spaces.