Monday, August 24, 2009

Woooo Hoooo!!

I have a finished first draft!!!

50,244 words! I feel like it's on the short side for YA these days, but I write pretty lean in my first drafts, so I think that number will expand.

This is a story I did for ME, to see if I could do it, and I DID! Of course there is work to be done, and lots of it.

But for now, I'm setting it aside for awhile so I can clean my house, catch up on TV shows, read, read, READ, and just, ahhh, enjoy this feeling of having done it.

Those of you in the middle of a first draft right now, it's hard, I know. Just keep going forward. I wrote 20,000 words and then started completely over with this one, because something just wasn't working.

I'm so happy. I think I'm going to break out a bottle of wine my friend brought me from Sonoma wine country to celebrate!



  1. Congrats! I'm so happy for you. I would tell you to pour me a glass so we could toast to your future success but I don't think mommy dearest would approve. You know, the whole underage thing. lol. :P
    So just drink a glass for me and know I'm proud of you. :D


  2. WooHoo is right! Congrats, Lisa!!!! Isn't that the BEST feeling??? (I'm *hoping* this is the one we talked about at the SCBWI...

  3. Aw congratulations really!

    Its so great to do things you thought youd never be able to do!

    -Taschima Cullen

  4. Thanks Lauren!

    Briana - hahaha - I had a glass for you. Did you enjoy it? :)

    Kimberly - Yes, it is! I can see you are good at keeping secrets, so thanks! :)

    Taschima - I love that, it's so true!!

  5. That's GREAT!!! Congrats! It's such a good feeling when that first draft is done, isn't it? Then I feel like I at least have the blueprints, or the foundation. Depending on the story. :)