Saturday, August 8, 2009

Six things on a Saturday

1. I have been chatting and critiquing with Lindsey Leavitt on-line for years. I loved her books before anyone else did. Well, okay, her husband and mother and siblings probably loved them too. But anyway, my point is that here, in LA, I have FINALLY met her. She is my roomie and for a few days, I'm in LL heaven. This, alone, makes the trip worth it for me. But, there is more! More, can you believe it?

2. Inspiration came this morning from author Karen Cushman and this afternoon from NYT best-selling author Ellen Hopkins. Some good advice from Karen - "We write because we are writers, and we must let go of the outcome. Or at least try." Again I am reminded, do not write because of what we hope will happen at the end. Enjoy the journey. Then, inspiration came this afternoon from Ellen who reminds us we need to find the stories we have to tell. Maybe we've tried to write it a certain way and it didn't work out, but the story keeps coming back to us. Write it!!!

3. Janet McLeod has cute hair! And she's sweet besides. Speaking of sweet, have spent some time with so many wonderful, kind authors and feel so blessed. Kimberly Derting, Jessica Anderson, Jo Whittemore, Christy Raedeke, Cynthea Liu, Tammi Sauer, Kim Peek, Lisa Madigan,Varian Johnson, Suzanne Young, and, who am I forgetting?? Ack!! If you are checking blogs and are here and we haven't chatted, I hope we get to!

4. The Scholastic Book Fair guy, Ed Masessa, RAVED about David Lubar's MY ROTTEN LIFE book series in a session explaining to published authors how the selection process for the book fair works. Yay David!!

5. I forgot all of my lip glosses and lipsticks. My lips feel naked.

6. Sorry I'm not doing links and LJ names - in a hurry. Forgive me please!!


  1. Oh no! Naked lips! Cover my eyes! Sorry, I couldn't resist. :)

  2. I had so much fun with you, Lisa. I'm so glad we had the chance to meet!!!