Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking for a new ending

My husband read the new manuscript over the weekend. He was a big help with a lot of things I needed help with.

When he got to the last chapter, the ending of the story, he didn't get it. Not a good sign. He felt bad and kept saying, maybe it's just me - don't change it just because *I* didn't get it. Ha. I kindly explained that this is what writers DO. They write, they get feedback, they rewrite. It's okay. Usually it makes the manuscript much stronger.

So, I'm totally rewriting it. I knew it was risky, the ending I went with. And lying in bed this morning, thinking about it, I decided it was sort of a cop out. Bad Lisa. And good husband for calling me on it!

Now, back to work, hoping I can find the perfect ending.

Have you ever had to totally change the ending of a book? I think beginnings get changed a lot more than endings...


  1. I wouldn't necessarily take my hubby's advice. He's no avid reader plus I write YA for preteen to teenage girls both of which he is not. Tread carefully. Follow your inner editor. ;)

  2. Ha - good point!

    This is an action/adventure/mystery sort of story, something new to me. And he loved it all the way up to that last chapter. And it wasn't that he didn't like it, I totally lost him. And since I'd come up with this big twist, it was something I was afraid of.

    There are good twists and then there are the twists that make you want to throw the book at a wall. I'm going for no throwing. :)