Tuesday, July 28, 2009

May the force be with us!

I was watching some of the Comic Con coverage this weekend on TV, and they kept talking about how Star Wars has been at the center of it now for years and just keeps getting bigger every year. It's now basically the corner stone of the conference.

They talked about the 1976 conference, before the movie came out in 1977, and people involved with the movie were nervous, wondering what people would think of it. I even heard George Lucas say he was worried it wouldn't make any money and he would have to figure out how to pay for the other two movies he wanted to make.

Well, we know George Lucas doesn't have to worry about money anymore, don't we?

I wonder, in the past 30+ years, how many people have thought - I want to come up the next Star Wars? Don't you think it's got to be a lot???

And yet, it seems to me, like with Twilight, it's not something you plan, or even try to predict. It's not something you can force to happen.

Certainly Stephenie Meyer couldn't have predicted what's happened with her TWILIGHT series. Did her publisher expect it to be big? Probably, yes. But THAT big? No way. It took on a life of its own. It became bigger than big.

It seems like the YA publishing world is working really hard, trying to find the next TWILIGHT. Or maybe they aren't. Maybe they just figure if something is a little like Twilight, it has the potential to earn a little of the money Twilight has earned, and a little of billions or whatever is still a lot.

Anyway, don't you think the next BIG thing will happen when we least expect it? Like it will be something that no one saw coming, and everyone will be like WHOA!?

And really, don't we secretly like it when something sneaks up on us, and surprises us? Isn't that what makes the whole thing so spectacular?

I don't know what it's going to be. But I can't wait to see what it is! And who knows, one of us might be writing it RIGHT NOW!!

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  1. How could Star Wars NOT have been a hit with Princess Leia and that hair? I wanted two big brown buns on my head!!! What little girl didn't???

    And it is an interesting thought. You never know what will be *the thing* that strikes a chord!