Monday, July 20, 2009



Okay, peeps, here we go. I have some ARCs and I’m not afraid to use them. What do I have, you wonder?

CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins, SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater, HUSH HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick, FLASH BURNOUT by L.K. Madigan, FIRE by Kristin Cashore, THE ESPRESSOLOGIST by Kristina Springer, AFTER by Amy Efaw, JUMPING OFF SWINGS by Jo Knowles, THE DEVIL’S KISS by Sarwat Chadda, THE MILES BETWEEN by Mary Pearson, DANIEL X: WATCH THE SKIES by James Patterson, LADY MACBETH’S DAUGHTER by Lisa Klein, BREAK by Hannah Moskowitz, and more!!!

This is a great opportunity for me to say thanks to all of you who have been so great about reading my books and letting others know about them.


1) You get 1 entry if you’ve shown my books a little love– it can be a blog review, VLOG review, review on goodreads or other on-line site, interview, blog shout out, etc. For your entry to count, you MUST provide a link for EACH entry. It can be in the past, or you can do an entry now, doesn’t matter. But you must provide a link for EACH one for the entry to count.

2) If you already own one or more of my books, you can get an entry by taking a picture of one of my book(s) with you or your pet or something fun, and e-mailing it to me. Post the picture someplace on line for people to see, you get another entry (provide me with the link). If it's okay for me to use the picture in a future blog post, PLEASE say – you have permission to use this, and you get another entry for allowing me to use it at a later date. I won’t use all of them, but I’d love to use some of them.

3) Follow me on twitter and you get another entry – @lisa_schroeder. Make sure you tell me you are following me in your e-mail entry. (Current followers or new followers both count).

4) Talk up one or more of my books on twitter or facebook between now and August 1st, and you get 1 entry (limit 1 entry for this, no matter how many times you tweet it)

5) Make a book trailer or special promotional vlog for one of my books and you get 5 entries!

6) In case you haven't bought one of my books yet and have been meaning to, buy one novel (FAR FROM YOU, I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME, or pre-order CHASING BROOKLYN) between now and August 1st, you will get 2 entries into the contest. If you buy two of the books, 5 entries. Buy all three – and you will get 10 entries!! NOTE: your receipt (or e-mail forwarded from an on-line bookstore) MUST be dated between 7/20 – 8/1 in order to count for this. If it's a bookstore receipt, please take a picture and send it via e-mail. Powell’s has SIX signed copies of FAR FROM YOU which you can get here: and yes, Powell’s will ship to anywhere in the US!

7) So sorry – contest open to people with a US address, only because it’s just too expensive to mail that many books. Hey, if you live outside the US but know someone who would be willing to mail them to you and work out the cost of postage with you, that's fine with me! I just need a US address for my part.

Winners announced:

On August 2nd, I will draw THREE names for first, second and third place. First place gets his/her choice of 7 ARCs, second place gets 4 ARCs from the remaining ones, and third place gets 2 ARCs from the remaining ones. There will also be a special drawing for a CONSOLATION PRIZE. A fourth person will get his/her choice of an ARC of CHASING BROOKLYN or IT’S RAINING CUPCAKES this fall.

Comments of glee welcome here, of course, but to officially enter, you need to send me an e-mail with all your links, photos, etc. to

Please list each entry, and then TOTAL your entries for me. I will be double-checking, but this will be very helpful for me to have an actual number at the bottom of each entry.

Deadline – August 1, 2009, MIDNIGHT EST.


  1. Can't enter because I live in Canada, but good luck to all who enter :o) AMAZING ARC's to be won!

  2. I think I can round up about 10 entries. Awesome contest and I really want some of thise ARCs!
    Thanks for doing this.

  3. As much as I want to enter, I'm from Singapore. Let me just say, I love Lisa Schroeder books. Leaves me tears afterwards.

  4. Gah! *runs to read all of her books*

  5. This is really cool. Definitely entering. Can I purchase a book, and then take a photo with it as well and get points for all of that too?


  6. Jessica - absolutely! The more things you do, the more entries you get!! :)

  7. What a great contest thank you so much (*_*)
    Ill try to make a trailer for your book though I never worked with movie make its going to be fun !!!!


  8. Thank you Lisa for clearing that up! I'm working on book trailers now. Will have 30 entries when I'm finished, hopefully :) Thanks for the amazing contest!


  9. Oh man, this might take a while. But I'm gonna do it. :)

  10. I entered!!


  12. This is an amazing contest! I follow you on Twitter! My handle is @MelaniesMusings

  13. Hi! I am so entering this contest! This is amazing. Unfortunately, I bought your books when they first came out (well, that wasn't unfortunate), and so I no longer have the receipts. I'm still entering, though!!! I am also going to try to find you on Twitter. My name on there is Artemis1300. Later.

  14. Hi Madeline!

    Take pictures of the books and that will get you some entries!! Thanks for buying them! Really, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

  15. Hi, Awesome giveaway.. I added you to my twitter.. @trishalynn0708


  16. Lisa -

    on goodreads, when I marked "Chasing Brooklyn" as to-read, I made a comment about the cover and how much I loved it. Does that count for showing your books a little love? ;)

  17. Hi Lisa,
    What a cool contest! I have posted a shout out and photos on my blog
    and I'm sending you an email with the photos, as well. Love your books and your blog.

  18. I follow you on Twitter


    Don't know if this will count but I made a link to your blog on my blog.

    email foltzsfantasticbooks at gmail dot com

  19. I'm now a twitter follower, I love following YA writers, I'm an Elementary Librarian, but my weakness is YA lit, maybe someday I'll end up in middle school or HS, but for now I read the YA for myself LOL and share what I love with the ladies who do cover those grades


  20. Thanks for finding me and following me and all that good stuff!

    I'm keeping track of entries via the e-mail address I put on the page, just FYI. I'll try to make sure all of you who commented here with entries get entered, but to make sure, SEND ME AN E-MAIL. Please. :)



  21. Review of Far From You:
    My twitter is @sarahbear9789 and I am following you

  22. Thanks, Lisa--this is fun! I have two shout-out links to enter:

  23. How was I not following you before?? Anyway, I took pictures with my dog-so much fun. Thanks for the contest and I'm following now.

  24. Just started following u on Twitter~ @BellaFranco. This is my first entry for the ARC contest:)
    gonna post my goodreads review link later, but what is the email we send it to? Thanks!

  25. woops! never mind, i found it *blush*