Friday, July 24, 2009

A Friday Five

mostly in links today.

1. I love THIS POST by an agent about writing another book. That's what I did, again and again, before I finally found one that felt right to me and got me an agent. There is so much trying to distract us in today's world, but I want to be one of the ones who keeps writing.

2. And THIS POST by Editorial Ass on authors trying too hard to be cool. I may not be cool. But I can be nice. And nice goes a helluva long way.

3. A GREAT POST on what authors can do to help make their booksignings a success.

4. The talented AND hard-working author, Linda Urban, talks about talent versus hard work. Go. Read. It's good!

5. And finally, a video, courtesy of author Jenny Moss who shared it on her blog yesterday. It was on Good Morning America this morning and I dare you to watch it and not simultaneously laugh and cry. That's what it's all about, people. Have fun. Live. Laugh. Love.